Reasons To Consider Living In Beaumont

Did you know that Beaumont is a thriving family oriented and safe community of over 21,000 residents located 1.5 kilometers (approx a 10 minute drive) south of Edmonton? As a resident you will enjoy 28 kilometers of pathways, excellent recreational facilities such as the Aqua-Fit Centre, a wonderful library, and safe neighborhoods.  Source: Reasons…

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Familiarizing Yourself With A New Montorio Home

Familarizing Yourself With Your New Montorio Home Congratulations on moving into your new home!  It may seem like all of the preparation went into the set-up for the move, but it’s not over just yet.  Use this guide to ensure that you’re ready for not just the moving process, but the move-in as well.   If…

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How To Modernize Your Outdated Home – By The Leenan Group

How To Modernize Your Outdated Home Houses do not typically have expiration dates. When you build a house, the goal is to create a structure that can shelter people and their belongings from the power of the elements. As long as the building does this, it is useful. That’s why we have hundred-year-old houses that…

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