How To Modernize Your Outdated Home

Houses do not typically have expiration dates. When you build a house, the goal is to create a structure that can shelter people and their belongings from the power of the elements. As long as the building does this, it is useful. That’s why we have hundred-year-old houses that are still perfectly safe to live in today.

But other than being useful, houses should also be beautiful. You want your home to be more than just a shelter; it should be an expression of your personal style and an example of human creativity at its best. If a house provides shelter but is not pleasant to live in, you will not get all the value you could possibly derive from living in it.

As Leenan Properties warns, your home can lose value if it falls behind in style. Even if there is nothing physically wrong with the building, it might become undesirable as a dwelling place if some of its features are out of date. An outdated house will cost you in three ways: it will lose market value, it will be hard to live in, and it will deduct from your social status.

If this is an accurate description of what is happening to your home, what can you do to change it? Is it possible to take an archaic home and modernize it? Luckily, the answer is yes. Transforming an outdated home into a contemporary one is not that difficult. You just need to understand what makes a home feel old and target those features for renovation.


Ways to modernize your outdated home

As a first step, you should clear out the old to make room for the new. Start your home remodel by giving your home a deep clean and getting rid of all the clutter that has accumulated through the years. This can be hard to do, as you might have a sentimental attachment to some of the items. But unless you remove as much of the old stuff as possible, you may not get all the results you want

  • Go for an open plan

The open plan layout became a dominant trend over a decade ago and its popularity is growing among homeowners who want to update their old homes. There is a good reason for this; older homes, typically, have smaller rooms, but adopting an open plan can help you create the impression of space.

  • Repaint your home

Every decade comes with its own version of the best colors to paint a house. Just by looking at your home, it’s possible to tell the period when it was painted. Old paint and damaged wall surfaces devalue your home. Do not just touch-up the paint, replace it with a modern color scheme.

  • Update your flooring 

Even if all you do is replace the current floor with modern colors and styles, your home will instantly take on a new identity. 

  • Entryway makeover

The entryway to your home offers a sneak peek into what visitors can expect to see inside your home. Steel entryway doors in vibrant colors with elegant door knob set, kick plate, and knocker will make a huge statement. Make the surrounding areas stand out with potted topiary on each side of your door.

  • Update the lighting

Poor lighting will make the most beautiful room look uninviting; however, a well-lit room will feel larger and airier. Updating your home’s lighting is not simply about changing bulbs or adding more fixtures. Lighting is important for illuminating the home, highlighting its features and it is ornamental as well. Professionals can help you create a lighting scheme that is tailored to the needs of every part of your home.

  • Retire clunky old furniture

In all likelihood, the furniture in your old home is also outdated. Older furniture pieces are known for being large, brightly colored, patterned, and formal. What you want are modern pieces with clean lines and a highly polished finish. Modern furniture cuts out excesses and prioritizes practicality, making it easier to navigate a room.

  • Update your kitchen

A poorly designed kitchen will drag down the value of your home, regardless of what you do to other rooms in the house. The kitchen should be the showpiece for the entire home. In the kitchen, add new lighting fixtures, quartz countertop and brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware for a contemporary look.

  • Modernize your bathroom

After the kitchen, you also want to give special attention to the bathroom. Pay attention to lighting and plumbing hardware. A walk-in shower with glass doors and rainfall shower head will immediately pull your home out of the past. You should also think of adding heated floors and updating the vanity area.

  • Replace outlets, switches, and plates

Yellowed or damaged light switches and power outlets are an eyesore. They diminish the impact of your new wall paint. Replace them with modern multifunctional and multimodal versions. When replacing these features bear in mind that they serve a functional and ornamental purpose, so go for the best.

  • Update to high-end appliances

Updated appliances have benefits that older ones don’t offer; bigger, better energy-efficiency, and added functionalities. Old-fashioned appliances will look out of place against your newly painted walls, updated cabinets, and new countertops. New and updated appliances will make your kitchen beautiful and your home even more valuable.