The Construction Process


Though the average time taken to build a home is about 9 months, the geographic location, the type of home being built, and the actual construction process can influence how long it takes to build a home. As you may know, overall market conditions also affect the timeline of building a home. A busy housing market generally results in longer durations while a down market shortens the timeline. Below is an estimate

Our complete home building timeline can be broken down into three main facets as follows:


  • This can be broken down into four phases:
      • Phase I – Contract (1 week)- This is where the agreement is completed and the file started.
      • Phase II – Client Design (6 weeks) – This is where the client has the opportunity to make two sets of minor design changes within a six week time period.
      • Phase III – Construction Design (7 weeks) – This is where we do the following:
        • New home warranty registration
        • Plot plan, floor joists, roof trusses and other engineering designs
        • Architectural approval
        • Reconciliation of construction design complete with quality control review
      • Phase IV – Permitting & Construction Start (6 weeks) – This is where we do the following:

o Exterior door and window quality control review
o Thermal modeling
o Permitting/inspections application
o Purchase Orders processing which is the final design and planning process before construction begins, which is called Stake-Out


This can also be broken down into five phases.

Phase I – Excavation (1.5 months) – This involves the stakeout, excavation and back fill.

Phase II – Lock Up (1 month) – This is the framing of dimensional lumber, floor joists and roof trusses.

Phase III – Electrical and Mechanical Rough Ins (1 month) – This is where we complete the rough ins for electrical, plumbing and heating/ventilation.   

Phase V – Finishing (2 months) – This is where we complete painting, doors, millwork trims, cabinetry and flooring.

And finally, the most exciting day of all, possession day!