Master Builder Accreditation


As a Certified Master Builder and Renovator, the Home Buyer and Renovator are guaranteed of the following commitments and expertise from  the certified home builder:

  • Master Builders are required to be members of both the Alberta New Home Warranty Program and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association and also must apply to PHBI to be recognized as an accredited Master Builder
  • Managers of the firm must have a minimum of five years’ experience in a senior decision-making role and over 375 hours of education.
  • Members must complete a minimum of 16 hours of continuing education annually.


Code of Conduct (outlined in the PHBI website):

  • Have proper regard for the safety and welfare of all persons on their work sites.
  • Have proper regard for the physical and natural environment affected by their work.
  • Undertake to comply with all municipal, provincial and national building codes and standards applicable to their workplace and work environment.
  • Have proper regard for the interests of the consumer and act fairly in interactions with all parties.
  • Undertake only work that they feel competent and qualified to perform by virtue of their training and experience.
  • Only give advice on matters that they have adequate knowledge and a thorough understanding of the situation.
  • Only submit to municipal or provincial authorities, applications that have been prepared by themselves or under their direct supervision.
  • Not use plans, specifications or designs of other builders unless written permission from that builder has been obtained.
  • Not use any unethical practices for the purposes of securing sales, assignments or various permits.
  • Only provide information to industry associations, financial institutions or mortgage insurance companies that are accurate, to the best of their knowledge.
  • Present their qualifications to the public and the industry and to do so without exaggeration.
  • Conduct themselves with others in fairness and in good ethical standards.