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Determining Your Must-Have Checklist When Buying A New Home

Determining Your Must-Have Checklist When Buying A New Home Shopping for a new home can trigger so many emotions; it’s exciting and yet can be overwhelming at the same time.  There are so many items to consider including finding the perfect location, determining your budget and the right floor plan to fit your needs.  How…

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The Customization Process With Montorio Homes

WE CUSTOMER BUILD:  Your budget. Your Lifestyle. Your Build Every home should start with a great design.  Secondly, customers should have the freedom and flexibility to build an affordable home that fits within their lifestyle and preferences.  Many builders may justify why flexibility is not possible, Montorio will encourage you to add some creativity in…

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How To Control Humidity In Your Home

How To Control Humidity In Your Home To assist in controlling humidity issues in your home, you must ensure you heat your home properly, use the ventilation system correctly, and help keep moisture producing activities at a minimum, especially during the winter months when humidity issues are at their highest. Having too high humidity in…

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New Home Lighting Walk-Through and Checklist

When you build a new custom home  Montorio Homes, it is important to us that your are directly involved in the planning of some of the key  items in your home.  These are the items that are custom to your preferences and lifestyle.  One important  activitiy is the electrical/lighting walk-thru.  This is done with our…

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